Lit in English 1660-1900

This course is being offered Writing Intensive.

Required texts:

  • Primary source material is
    all in the public domain, and available for free downloads
  • Packer
    et al., Writing Worth Reading


  • A short
    paper [750 words] on an American issue as evidenced in a movie from a list I
    will provide.
  • A short
    paper [750 words] on a British issue as evidenced in a movie from a list I will
  • A short
    analytic paper (1000 words) on a literary work assigned this semester.
  • Peer
    evaluations: :  Students will assess the
    writing of several of their colleagues in small groups.
  • Poetry
    Recitation:  100 lines of poetry from the
    period.  May be from more than one poem,
    and may be completed in small chunks.
  • Oral
    presentation on a topic from a list I will provide (topic areas include
    literature’ biographical issues; medical, legal, and social issues; art and
  • Final
    exam:  take-home final, due at the end of
    the exam period for this section listed in the time schedule.

Brief description:

            In this course, we will discuss a number of themes and
issues important in literature  in
English written between 1660 and 1900. Themes include slavery and racism;
women’s rights; class issues, ideas about literature (theoretical0 and
landscapes in literature, and sexuality. 
Authors include Elizabeth Barrett, Aphra Behn, William Wordsworth, John
Keats, Byron, Christina Rossetti, William Blake, Mary Shelley, and Robert