The Narrative in Fiction, Film, Poetry, Song

Hühn and Roy Sommer define narration as a “communicative act in which a chain
of happenings is meaningfully structured and transmitted in a particular medium
and from a particular point of view.” This definition applies not only to fiction
but also to certain modes of poetry, song lyrics, and dramatic works.
This ENG 313 course will examine the art of
storytelling via different media. We all tell stories. The challenge is to find
the best or most appropriate vehicle by which to tell them. We will experiment
with different genres, and explore different narrative strategies, whether it
be telling a story via poetry or song lyric, or by the more conventional short
story, or by having characters engage in dialogue in dramatic form. Specific
exercises will include recalling, transcribing and/or inventing dialogue;
crafting scenes; transforming a short narrative from prose to verse and vice
versa; and more.


For this course, students
are expected to produce 20-30 pages of polished writing.


Grades will be determined mostly
by the quality of the work produced by the student, but this is not the only
way you will be evaluated. Because ENG 313 is a discussion-oriented class, and
because we will spend a good deal of time critiquing each other’s work,
attendance and participation, i.e., the quality of your presence, will also
factor in determining your final grade.


Texts: No books are
required, but students need to purchase a course
reader at Professional Image.