St/Film (Film Genres)

Film Genres

This course is a study of four or five film genres, their development over time from aesthetic, cultural, and industrial perspectives. For example, a main consideration will be the narrative patterns and conventions of each genre and how those patterns both reflect and construct cultural myths, and the way those narratives transform over time due to social/ideological shifts and changes. We will also consider the hybridity and dynamics of several genres at play within individual films. Some genres that may be included in the syllabus (tentative) are: the western, the gangster film, the musical, melodrama, horror, screwball/romantic comedy, and film noir.


Required Texts & Film Viewings

Barry Keith Grant, ed., Film Genre Reader III (2004) U TexasPress; and a few supplementary handout articles.


There will also be about14-16 required film viewings.



Three short papers, one long paper, one oral report on a reading assignment, a final examination. Attendance required.