Fiction Workshop

This course is designed to follow on from Eng 413. Like 413, it is for fiction writers who are committed to analyzing the elements of narrative craft, and to developing them in their own work through focused drafting and workshopping. You will write three short fictions of approximately five, eight and fifteen pages respectively. You will be encouraged to experiment with your writing voice, and to consider how your writing reflects, disrupts, retells, and is in dialogue with the world around you and its literatures. As a class we will read and discuss a range of important contemporary (mostly) short fictions, some from Hawai`i and it influencing cultures. In addition, you will choose, in consultation with me, two book-length works of fiction from your writing area.


Course Requirements:

*Attendance and participation

*Three formal written assignments

*Writer’s journal

*Peer responses, in workshop and written


Required texts:

*Eng 414 (01) Fiction READER (available at MaPS printing service on University Ave)

*Two contemporary works of fiction in your writing area

*Additional material on Laulima



*Eng 413 or consent.