Types of CW: Poetry & Short Stories

course will introduce students to the craft of writing poetry and short
fiction. We will learn how the elements of fiction can improve our poetry, and
how poetic technique can improve our fiction writing. In addition to writing
exercises, we will also explore the many ways to perform and share our writing,
from spoken word to video poetry, social media to publication. To inspire us,
we will read an exciting array of Pacific and international writers. Throughout,
we will ask: what does it mean to be a writer in the 21st century?
What is a creative writer’s role in culture and society? How can creativity
become a part of our everyday lives?  


Course Requirements:


Please note that this is a writing intensive course:
there will be weekly creative writing assignments, as well as in-class writing and
performance exercises. As a class, we will peer-edit and workshop our writing.
Other requirements include attendance, discussion, a midterm performance, and a
final portfolio of your work.  


Required Texts:


Huerta, American Copia: An Immigrant Epic (Arte Publico Press, 2012)


Nalani McDougall, The Salt Wind / Ka Makani Pa’akai (Kuleana

Press, 2008).


Diaz, This is How You Lose Her (Faber and Faber)


Linn Kanae, Islands Linked by Ocean (Bamboo Ridge Press)