Types of CW: Short Fiction

Short Fiction

In this course we will examine the genre of short fiction, loosely defined for our purposes as ranging in length between flash fiction (as short as a paragraph) and short story (usually 20,000 words or less). Through creative writing and discussion, students will explore what definitions and requirements the genre of short fiction places on writing, and how those conventions may be challenged and complicated by a shifting contemporary creative landscape. We will explore the intersections between the traditional short story and more exploratory forms, such as flash fiction, prose poetry, and online short fiction. Students will be encouraged to experiment with their writing, moving beyond the form of the classic short story in order to engage with new modes of expression via short text. Students will be expected to submit their own creative work for class discussion, and be able to critique and discuss the work of their classmates. Experimental and collaborative projects will be encouraged.


Course Requirements:

  • ClassAttendance and Participation
  • InformalWriting Assignments
  • PeerResponse/Workshop
  • ThreeShort Creative Projects
  • MidtermReading Exam
  • FinalCreative Project
  • FinalCritical Essay


Required Texts (Available atthe UH Bookstore:

  •  Kurt Vonnegut, Bamboo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction
  • Robert Shapardand James Thomas (eds.), Flash FictionForward: 80 Very Short Stories
  • Dana Gioia andR. S. Gwynn, The Art of the Short Story