Lit in English 1660-1900

This course will expose you to
major texts in various genres by major British and American writers from the
English Restoration to the end of the nineteenth century. The course will
require intensive reading in primary sources, but rather than attempt to
“cover” 240 years, it will look selectively and comparatively at
texts which may be thought representative of an author, a style, an attitude,
or a period‑‑some of the best that has been thought and said, as Matthew Arnold
put it in the middle of the nineteenth century. Because 324 is primarily a
reading rather than a writing class, there will be several exams and reading
responses, but no formal essays. This course satisfies the English major
1700-1900 Historical Breadth requirement and is designated DL for General
Education purposes.

Texts: The Norton Anthology of English Literature, The Major Authors Edition, 8th edition, ISBN 978-0-393-92832-7; c. $70. Paper; two-volume set, though we will work primarily from the second volume; if you have other editions, they may work. American texts may be electronic only.