Intro to Lit: Culture (Cultural Studies & American Literature)

If you are looking for
an English course that represents all things AWESOME, you have come to the
right place! In this class, we will be reading some kick-butt short stories,
poems, song lyrics, novels, and graphic novels, while also watching some
amazing films and video clips. All of these texts will give us some insight
into the world of post-1880 American ethnic and minority fiction. Also, these
texts will operate like a microscope to help us look more closely at some
extremely important and relevant cultural issues like race, class, gender,
ethnicity, nationality and identity in the United States.

Course Objectives:

To learn about central issues and themes, particularly race, class, gender,
ethnicity, identity, and nationality, within the field of U.S. cultural studies
as they emerge within key American ethnic and minority texts produced from 1880
to the present.

To identify and analyze the rhetorical strategies at work within a text or
specific genre (form) and how those strategies connect to that text’s message
and overall argument (function).

To become skilled in crafting the organization, content, and mechanics of the
critical analysis argument essay.

4). To cultivate close, careful reading skills
through the analysis and discussion of various American literature texts.

Texts & Supplies

English 272 Course Reader  (to be
purchased through the Professional Image copy center on King & University)

Composition Notebook

Notebook and Pencil for taking notes in class

Novels:   The Jungle

                   Zoot Suit


                   The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in

                   Sista Tongue

& Grading

There are 2
short essays
(3-4 pages) due throughout the semester. The assignments are
graded following their assigned due date, but they can also be revised for a
higher grade before the next essay is due.

Along with each of the major assignments, you
will also be responsible for completing an
official reading response online through Laulima each week.
These reading
responses will be like short one-page papers and will be graded according to
the same grading standards as an academic essay.

There will also be a midterm and final for
the course. The midterm will cover the material for the first half of the
course and the final will cover the material for the last half. The tests will
contain some standard multiple-choice and short answer questions, but will also
be interactive, colorful, and, hopefully, fun 🙂

Finally, at the end of the semester a final
portfolio representing your writing progress and containing all of your major
assignments will be used to assess writing progress and development.

Ultimately, this course is built upon the central
idea that “good writing is practiced
This means that awesomeness in writing is not a gift, but
something gained through practice, practice, practice!