Intro to Lit: Lit History (World Literature after 1700)

This course will survey some of the
most important novels and plays from the neoclassical to modern eras of literature
will be 

assigned; authors will include Moliere, Voltaire,
Ichiyo, Lu Xun, 
Kafka, Beckett, Al-Hakim, and Rushdie.

This course is both an introduction to some of the
greatest works 
of literature written during the past 300 years or
so. Including a 
wide range of literary traditions. The historical
and intellectual 
contexts of these works will receive some
attention, but the main 
focus is upon the reading and analytical skills
needed to 
understand and interpret these individual works.
Writing critically 
about these rich and often controversial
masterpieces will be an 
important part of the course.

Texts: The Bedford Anthology of World
: Package B. New 
York: Bedford/St. Martin, 2003; Ann Raimes, Pocket
Keys for Writers.
Boston: Wadsworth, 2010.