Composition I

English 100 is a foundations course, which fulfills the Written
Communication Foundation requirement for degrees at UH-Mānoa. To satisfy the
Written Communication requirement this course will employ a writing process,
which includes gathering information and exploring ideas, developing and
supporting a thesis, organizing, editing, and revising; produce different forms
of college-level writing, such as narrative, analytical, and persuasive essays;
analyze and evaluate the logic, evidence, and strategies of an argument
(written and/or presented in a visual or digital medium); enable one to find
and evaluate information from a library, the internet, or other sources;
synthesize relevant findings in your writing without plagiarizing; and analyze
and interpret a literary work (nonfiction, fiction, poetry, or drama) or other
textual material.

The textbook required for this class is The Little Penguin Handbook
available at the UH Bookstore.