Composition I

The aim of this
course is to make you a better writer, which means becoming a better reader. We
will read essays by successful writers and discuss what they do and why they
succeed, with an eye toward appropriating and using their techniques. You will
write five essays. We will emphasize craft, which means revision, the heart and
soul of writing. You must have something to write, and so we will discuss
issues of substance—we need to be aware of ourselves and others and our place
in the world. Presentation matters, in writing as in speech and dress, and so
we will address problems in grammar and syntax. Lastly, we will meet one-on-one
regularly to discuss your work and guide your writing. This course will better
prepare you to meet your future writing needs for your academic career and for
life in general.

Required texts are

  • Diana Hacker’s A Pocket Style Manual, 5th edition with 2010 APA Update, Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009
  • 75 Readings: An Anthology,Santi V. Buscemi and Charlotte Smith,
    eds., 11th ed, McGraw-Hill, 2010

Both available at the Bookstore. You also need the Course Packet, available at Campus Copy.