This is a survey course covering nearly 2,500 years of World
Drama, from the Greeks to the present day. 
We will read not only a dozen or so canonical works from earlier authors
such as Aeschylus, Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Moliere, but also several modern
and contemporary playwrights like Ibsen, Chekhov, Williams, and Kushner. Our
anthology is large (though compact) and the choices many. Several texts are yet
to be determined.


–To introduce representative examples of theatre and
dramatic texts in the Western tradition from varying cultures and times

–To increase awareness of the continuities and changes in
theatrical styles of expression and in cultural values over these several

–To read the texts closely and to consider them in
performance as well

Required Text

The Compact Bedford
Introduction to Drama
, edited by Lee Jacobus

Course Requirements

–Three written essays

–Regular quizzes

–Midterm and final exams

–Attendance at one live theater performance during the