British Lit after 1900

This course will familiarize students with significant works
in British literature from 1900 to mid-century 20th C.  Historical movements and aesthetic trends of
this era will inform the selection of texts we will read, which will span the range
of genres, including prose, drama and poetry. 
Since this era is rife with incident, and is still fairly recent, the
works we read will be selected both in their representation of the time period,
and in terms of their relevance to current-day concerns.  The groundwork for many issues of
contemporary socio-cultural significance can be traced to events of the early
20th C., and many of these events influenced its literature.  Consequently, students should find the
relevance of these works to their own experience recognizable, and suggestive
of what literary influences contributed to the nature of their present life


Text (Available from
Revolution Books)

  • Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. B (Ed. 8)

         Carol Christ, General Editor

Evaluation (With
assignment percentages toward Semester Grade)

  • Two 4-page essays, one of
    which may be rewritten for a higher grade (30% avg.)
  • Midterm and Final Exam,
    each with in-class component and take-home essay (20% per exam)
  • Miscellaneous brief
    writing assignments and/or quizzes (15%)
  • Participation (10%)
  • Consistent attendance will
    influence semester grade only if students exceed indicated limited
    absences (tba)