Types of Creative Writing

Creative Writing Workshop: 
Prose Fiction and
the Graphic Novel

This class focuses on the reading and writing of narrative
fiction in the forms of traditional prose as well as the graphic novel (aka
“comic books”). Each week students will read two to four published stories
(approximately 40 pages) plus three student stories (roughly 25 pages). Attention
will focus on elements of fiction such as setting, character, plot, theme,
structure and style. Other assignments may be added at the instructor’s

Each student will write three stories for class discussion (6-8
pages minimum), of which the first must be prose fiction; the second and/or
third may be in graphic novel style. Students desiring to write solely prose
fiction will be free to do so. Collaboration is allowed for graphic novels,
with an attendant increase in page count.

Students will take turns leading class discussions. These
discussions as well as regular participation in all class conversation are
major factors in calculating student grades.

PLEASE NOTE: The “graphic novels” studied here are not superhero comic books. If
your interest lies in discussing books like X-Men,
Captain America, JLA or Watchmen, this class is not for you.

Required texts:

Amy Bechdel, ed.  The Best American Comics 2011

Daniel Halpern, ed. The
Art of the Tale