Intro to Lit: Lit & CW (Contemporary American Women Poets)

What does it mean to be a woman poet? Do women have distinct
ways of writing poetry when compared to their male counterparts? Are women
historically, and presently, considered “serious” poets? How can women create
their own kindof poetry that doesn’t
rely on patriarchal structures? As long as poetry has been written, there have
been women writing it. Beginning with Sappho and ending with some of the most
contemporary poetry being written today, we will indulge in what it means to be
a woman, a poet, and a woman poet in different historical and political
contexts. If you are interested in poetry, feminism, queerness, or women’s
studies, you will find this class to be a useful introduction to how and why
women’s’ writing—poetry in particular—has changed throughout time.

For this class you will work on a blog where you will post
analytical responses to the readings and engage in dialogue with your peers.
You will have a short literary analysis paper on a poem of your choice. In
addition to critical writing, you will also be assigned creative writing
exercises that reflect the writing we read in class. Your final paper will be a
personal, reflective essay that discusses how your writing takes on the
characteristics of “women’s writing” using examples from poets and theorists we
have read in class. You will also hand in a five-page writing sample of your
creative work.

All texts (TBD) will be available from the University of
Hawaii Bookstore on campus.

Handouts will be provided.