Composition II

Required text:

  • Course Reader

SLO: ENG 200 further develops the writing and research skills covered in ENG 100. The course therefore aims to have students produce university-level writing and to involve them in discussions of notions such as style, register, fluency, and appropriacy, as well as consideration of the role and significance of the standard dialect, particularly within the context of the university.

Core course elements are:

  • an engaged reception of selected works of fiction, non-fiction, and film
  • an awareness of the varieties of English, their uses and significance
  • an ability to produce writing appropriate to a particular context and readership
  • a discussion of, and practice in, English for Academic Purposes.

The class will emphasize analytic and argumentative writing, but elements of creative and personal writing will also be encouraged. There will be several required conferences, and the final research paper will be presented in-class (using PowerPoint).

Final grades will be awarded as follows:

  1. 10 short papers posted on Laulima (with subsequent revisions) (50%)
  2. Sustainability research paper (presented with all previous drafts) (40%)
  3. Full attendance (10%)