Composition II

Required Text:

  • Course Reader

English 200 is a continued exploration of the skills that students learned in
English 100. As such, this course will focus on a deepened understanding of
analytical thinking, rhetoric, structure and fluency, and understanding of
written and electronic mediums.

In this course, we will examine a variety of print and electronic texts and
analyze them in essay form, using the classic elements of rhetorical analysis,
as well as more specified methods of analysis. Methods of analysis themselves
will become a focal point of the course, and time will be spent determining how
various methods of analysis may be appropriate for different writing

Written Requirements of the Course

  • 4-6 Reading Responses, focusing on key texts.
  • Three Small Essays (4-6 pages), focusing in turn on literary analysis, inductive style, and reflective writing
  • One Final Essay (6-8 pages), focusing on deductive style
  • 2-4 Peer Reviews (2-3 pages)