Composition II

Course Description

English 200 Composition II is an advanced course in argumentative writing with greater conceptual and stylistic demands of writing. Instruction will develop the writing and research skills covered in English 100 Composition I. Prerequisite: FW.
Composition II also emphasizes textual analysis. Students continue to practice
the construction of arguments based on reasoning and research skills. This
semester you will devote your time to inventing, researching, drafting, and
revising an extended argument. You will discover how to evaluate sources,
provide critiques of verbal and visual texts, weigh competing values, and
produce effective discourse.  You will also refine documentation skills
(using MLA format), and become a more confident, sophisticated participant in
academic discourse (UH-Manoa Catalog).

Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce effective persuasive essays on a complex topic, incorporating relevant sources.
  2. Read critically and present critical evaluations of sources effectively in writing.
  3. Edit other students’ writing effectively. Employ a writing process which includes gathering information and exploring ideas, developing and supporting a point of view of thesis, organizing, revising, editing, and proofreading.
  4. Produce different forms of college-level writing, such as narrative, analytical, and persuasive essays.
  5. Find and evaluate information from other sources without plagiarizing.
  6. Write a coherent in-class response to an
    assigned question or topic (UH-Manoa Catalog).