Composition I

This course is designed to develop, practice, and refine your college writing skills through variety of writing assignments. Through this course, you will work towards
becoming more aware of your writing process—your thinking process, your drafting
process, your habits—in order to develop strategies to better your writing for
the rest of your college career. Beginning with a narrative essay, we will
interrogate our relationship with Hawaii, keeping in mind that we must always
be critically aware of the position that we are writing from. From there, we
will move into a summary and response unit, where we will read critical essays
and discuss issues pertinent to our lives in Hawaii. This will form a
foundation for your research argumentative paper. And lastly, the semester will
conclude with a revision and reflection unit.

Readings and course materials will be provided via Laulima.

As with many learned skills, writing takes constant practice; expect to have a writing
assignment of some sort every week. Participation will be graded. To gain the
most out of this course, you will need to not only attend class and complete
assignments, but to engage with the material and be willing to push your
critical thinking, reading, and writing abilities.