Composition I

This class focuses on the fundamentals of
writing argumentative papers using academic and scholarly sources.  A micro approach is used, that is,
students will be engaged with the various parts of a research paper through
small assignments covering areas such as introductions, conclusions, citation,
plagiarism, organization, revision. 
Writing assignments include informal blogs covering the college culture
and three academic research papers of varying length: two individual research
papers and one team-written project. 
The academic papers emphasize the process of writing (rough draft, peer
review, final product).  The
team-written project is problem-based; that is students will choose a local
problem and move from research about the problem to moving toward solving the
problem through proposals, legislative bills, or service.  A final (optional) portfolio enables
students to re-submit papers for higher grades.  This class seeks to be “green” (paperless) as much as
possible.  Papers are submitted
electronically through a course management system.  All texts can be purchased at Revolution Books, behind
Puck’s Alley.  Each component is
mandatory: CompClass, a web-based course management system, the textbook Practical
, the graphic novel adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s
The Martian Chronicles,
and Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age,
5th Edition.
For questions, please contact the instructor at: