Modern English Grammar

Required texts:

VOCABULARY (Jackson) (Revolution Books), Course Reader (CRDG Marketing and
Publication, Castle 101)

Grammar is a
subject that usually sounds intimidating because most of us immediately think
of the grammar rules (partially) taught us in school, usually through those red
marks on our papers in English and other writing classes. However, there are
competing grammars, all of which are actually nothing more than a variety of
attempts to describe what (mainly first-language) speakers do because of what
they intuitively already know: how to communicate successfully in a range of
codes we oversimplify into the one category–English. The course will therefore
offer a brief history of grammatical description as well as some of the
competing ways used to explain how language users make sense of each other.


will be two midterms (40%) and a final examination (20%)

Laulima Postings (30%)