Lit.Hist. (World Literature I)

Read about gods
who come down onto the field of battle (ILIAD and BHAGAVAD GITA).  Listen to a woman tell stories to stop a
crazed husband from killing a series of brides (1001 NIGHTS).  Debate whether Job worships his god only for
reward (Old Testament).  Follow Dante
into the INFERNO and question his assignments of tickets to hell.

This course
studies works from the ancient world, the Middle Ages, and the
Renaissance.  We will look at the
conventions of genres such as epic, tragedy, medieval romance, and songs to
Shiva.  Authors include Homer, Sophocles,
Plato, Marie de France, Lady Murasaki, Dante, Mahadeviyakka, and
Montaigne.  Books will be available from
Revolution Books.

Students will
write four 3-5-page papers, two 2-page papers, quizzes, midterm, and final and
participate in discussion.