Composition I (with mentor)

Since this is an
A Section, I am assuming that students enrolled in the course are planning to
continue in Selected Studies, and eventually enter the Honors Program. This
course is therefore a foundation for academic, professional, or creative
writing at the most accomplished and challenging levels.

drafting, revision, and editing will be my principal concerns during the
semester. Each of these writing stages requires critical thinking, imagination,
and precision. And because both the reader and the writer of a text are to a
certain extent created by the work, we will be talking about this dynamic as

Course Requirements:

During the semester there will be many assignments, and an
extensive section on research methods and resources.  In addition to classroom sessions, all students will be
meeting with me very regularly (at least twelve to fifteen times) for
conferences on assignments. You will be writing and rewriting a great deal.


  • The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th Edition (Paperback)