Composition I (with mentor)

English 100 is a
course dedicated to writing – and, more specifically, the critical inquiry
process that must attend the practice and production of academic writing. In
English 100 we will focus on following a path of inquiry through various
possible formations, including (but not limited to) literary analysis, argument,
personal narrative, and reflective commentary. Our exploration of critical
inquiry will be conducted through course requirements that include: assignments
dealing with the rudiments of writing; class discussion; independent academic
research; peer evaluation and review; extensive conferencing opportunities; the
incorporation of technology; four to eight reading responses; and four formal
academic essays, among other things.

The Student
Learning Outcomes for English 100 require that each student learn to: compose a
text achieve a specific purpose and respond adeptly to an identifiable
audience; provide evidence of effective strategies for generating, revising,
editing, and proofreading a text in order to produce finished prose; compose a
text that makes use of source material that is relevant and reliable and that
is integrated in accordance with an appropriate style guide; and compose
writing that expresses the writer’s viewpoint and is supplemented by outside
sources. In accordance with these objectives, this section of English 100 will
work with Joseph Harris’s Rewriting (sections of which will be made available
through Laulima) to provide a communal language and understanding of the
writing process. Additional texts (also provided through Laulima) will include
six to eight academic essays and a variety of stylistic and rhetoric-focused
electronic sources.