Types of Creative Writing

Writing the Literary Novel: The Physics of Structure and Technique

This class is for those with the
ambition to write a literary novel. We will work on developing a first draft of
a manuscript, and look at a variety of structures, techniques, and theories in
order to facilitate the process. We will do close readings of selected
narrative theorists on the dynamics of the text, and look at a few selections
from the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century novel. We will
also examine theories in Physics to illuminate the structures and techniques of
fiction more thoroughly. Emphasis will be placed on discussions that enable
you to apply the theory to your own manuscript in order to produce specific

The course is designed to help you
communicate effectively in both a verbal and a written format as well as to
develop your ability to apply theory critically. Consequently, you will grow in
your ability to write a novel that is attentive to the crafting of its
sentences, and that is engaging to read.

Requirements: Four polished chapters of 2000 words each.

Readings: A course packet from Professional Image.