Studies in Creative Writing: Songwriting

works best as a double-register class, meaning you are asked (but you are not
required) to also enroll in ENGLISH 411: POETRY WORKSHOP, as a lyrics
lab.  (See the ENGLISH 411 description above.) You do not need to enroll
in both courses.  ENGLISH  411 will be a zero-credit elective lab
if you choose to attend but not register for the course. For those enrolling in
both 411 and 416, you will be graded individually for your performance in each.
Contact professor at when you register.

In this
songwriting course, you will write a report on your favorite singer/songwriter,
give a class presentation on that artist’s lyrics, and do a cover song. You may
join up with other students for critiques and performances. The rest of the
semester we spend in workshop sessions on your original songs. At least two
recordings of your songs plus lyric sheets with chords and/or tabs are handed
in as the final submission: a demo.

Professional singer/songwriters will visit as guest lecturers, mostly in the
longer ENGLISH 411 seminar session. So, if you do not register for ENGLISH 411,
you might want to keep that Wednesday afternoon time slot open to attend those
special events.

Limited enrollment.

This is the first songwriting course the English Department has ever offered.