Oceanic Literature

spans a vast area and comprises a great number of peoples, islands, and nation
states centered in the Pacific Ocean. In this course we will look at a broad
survey of literature written in English by people in this region and attempt to
come to a better definition of the category. We will attempt to appreciate each
work as great literature and also consider what it reveals about the peoples
and cultures in the region.

Some of
the major texts for this course will include POTIKI by Maori author Patricia
Grace, WHERE WE ONCE BELONGED by Samoan author Sia Figiel, Albert Wendt’s
anthology NUANUA, and
playwright Alani Apio’s play KAMAU. There will also be a number of essays
available online.

Assignments will include three essays and a presentation.
Students will also be evaluated based on their participation, performance on
several quizzes, a midterm and final exam.