Early Classics of Western Literature

This course will stress the epic,
tragic, and comic works of the western literary tradition, beginning with
Homer’s ODYSEEY and including various well-Known Greek tragedies and comedies;
Latin literature will be represented by Ovid’s METAMORPHOSES and Virgil’s
AENEID. The course will also focus on Dante’s  DIVINE COMEDY and Cervantes’s DON QUIJOTE. There will be five
analytical and critical papers assigned, plus weekly quizzes, a midterm and a
final. The class stresses close reading and analytical writing, especially
using comparisons between authors, times, styles, and themes.

Required Texts:

  • THE NORTON ANTHOLOGY: WESTERN LITERATURE, Vol. 1, 8th ed. New York: W. W. Norton, 2006.
  • Raimes, Ann. POCKET KEYS FOR WRITERS. 3rd. ed. Boston: Wadworth, 2010.