Composition I

You will be introduced to various forms of writing, with a particular focus on the personal essay, the analytical essay, and the argumentative essay. The course is designed to explore writing as a process, with the purpose of helping you develop the ability to read analytically and write clearly and, when required, critically, all while paying attention to detail and supporting evidence. Class time will be spent discussing the reading, which will include but may not be limited to: personal essays, newspaper articles, travelogues, critical/persuasive essays, letters, and journal entries. Class time will also be spent discussing student writing, so expect to analyze and critique your own work, as well as that of your peers.


Attendance and regularity play a significant role, since you will be expected to respond to the assigned reading in the form of quizzes and short in-class essays (which may be analytical or personal), as well as through individual and group presentations. In addition, there will be four formal papers, including drafts and revisions.


  • Strunk, William. ELEMENTS OF STYLE
  • a Course Reader TBA

All books available from Revolution Books.