Poetry Workshop

Course Description

This course will explore poetry about food, eating, cooking, recipes, grocery stores, and more. We will not only read and discuss poetry about this delicious theme, but we will also write our own original poetry to capture our food memories, experiences, cultures, tastes, and diets. Since this is a “workshop,” we will also provide opportunities to share, offer feedback, and revise our poems. 

Required Texts

All readings will be provided as PDFs via Laulima.

Student Learning Objectives

Develop an understanding of the discipline of English (specifically, Creative Writing) and its relationship to another discipline (Food Literature)

Develop an awareness of the contributions of Pacific Islander, Asian, American and other cultures to the formation of the fields of Creative Writing and Food Literature.

Develop interpretive methods and critical analysis in both written and oral formats in relation to the reading of Food Literature. 

Develop foundational skills in creative writing techniques, revision, outlining, free-writing, brainstorming, and peer-critique.

Develop an advanced portfolio of Creative Writing and Food Literature. 


Write, workshop, and revise original poetry.

Write short responses to course readings.

In-class discussion.