Composition I for Transfers

This course will be conducted synchronously, online, everyday, from 1030 to 1150, starting 5/22 and ending 6/30: so a little longer than a month. This course is dedicated to transfer students who need to have a course in composition. I was a transfer student, and I have worked on nation wide projects about the transfer student experience. This will be part of our conversation together and maybe a paper topic. The course will focus on reading materials, hopefully of great interest, to provoke energetic conversation. At this point, I don’t see a need for a text book purchase: I can supply needed essays and style sheets are online. Topics may include: What is beauty? What is progress? What is  happiness? What is a “transfer student”? Our time is short and intense so things will move fast. Between 5/22 and 6/30, we will produce 4 shorter papers on topics discussed and then turn one of those papers into something a bit longer with formal research features. I look forward to a fast but meaningful few weeks together.