Composition I

Instructor: Christina N. Lee

TTh 9:00-10:15am

Format: In-person

Location: KUY303

ENG 100-020: Composition I

CRN: 81473

ENG 100 Composition I Introduction to the rhetorical, conceptual and stylistic demands of writing at the university level; instruction in composing processes, search strategies, and writing from sources. Students may not earn credit for both ENG 100 and 190. Pre: placement. Freshmen only. FW

Expanded Course Description

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” –Maya Angelou

In this class, we will be exploring our own stories in relation to place and community through the art of storytelling and learn to put our stories in conversation with larger social justice issues. 

We will learn to navigate through genres as we research specific sociopolitical topics that interest us. We will be exploring these issues in a variety of exercises through written assignments, reading responses, and classroom activities. 

We’ll first start off learning how to write personal essays and explore our own histories. 

We will then be learning research methodologies through multimodal literacies. In other words, we will be exploring how to both synthesize and juxtapose sources through different types of media. 

Finally, we will learn step-by-step, the writing process. As you write, I and/or your peers will be giving you feedback on your work through written feedback, instructor-student conferences, and class workshops, which I will give you the guidelines for when time comes. There is, no matter what stage of writing you are in, always room for revision. This course is focused around the nurturing of the growth and development of you as a writer. As Carol Dweck states, “once we know that our abilities are capable of growth, it becomes a basic human right to live in places that create that growth, to live in places filled with ‘yet’.”

Required texts (Tentative):

Active Voices TopHat Online Textbook. ISBN (Top Hat):  978-1-64485-271-2

All other readings will be provided for you on Laulima as PDF files.