Types of Creative Writing

Fall 2022

TR 9:00am-10:15am

Online (Synchronous)

ENG 313 Types of Creative Writing

Food Writing

This course will explore creative writing about food. We will read and write poetry, short stories, personal narratives, recipes, restaurant reviews, and food blogs about food, cooking, and eating. We will consider how culture, class, gender, place, and migration shape how writers represent food experiences. This will be a hands-on course that will require students to eat, cook, visit a farmer’s market and grocery store, review a restaurant, and more.

Please note that this is a Writing Intensive course: there will be weekly formal and informal creative and critical writing assignments, both in-class and at-home, to improve overall writing skills. Students will learn techniques for drafting, editing, workshopping, and revising writing. Beyond different types of creative writing, we will also complete critical reviews, reaction/reflection papers, and journal entries. We will produce a minimum of 20 pages of writing throughout the semester.

Required Texts

All readings will be provided via Laulima or email.