Spring 2023

Undergraduate Studies & ENG 440 Single Author Courses

ENG 431

Studies in 16th & 17th Century Literature: Land, Seas, Property, and Sovereignty in Early ModernityDerrick Higginbotham

ENG 434

Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature: Popular Series FictionTodd Sammons

ENG 440

Single Author: Aphra BehnEmily West

ENG 463

Studies in Film: Women in FilmDanielle Seid

ENG 474

Studies in Hawaiian and/or Pacific Literature: Children’s Literature: Oceania –ku’ualoha ho’omanawanui

Graduate Courses

ENG 613B        CW

Poetry Workshop: Writing Place, Writing Power —Noʻu Revilla

ENG 705          CR

Seminar in Composition Studies: Composition & Crisis — John Gagnon

ENG 709          CR

Seminar in Rhetoric: New Media Rhetorics and Digital Humanities — Darin Payne

ENG 716B           CW

Seminar in Techniques in Contemporary Literature: Autofiction —  Shawna Ryan

ENG 735     LSE, Pre-1900

Seminar in American Literature: Racial Lives of Property — Hannah Manshel

ENG 735F         LSE

Seminar in American Literature: James Baldwin — Jack Taylor

ENG 764            LSE, HAP

Seminar in Life Writing: Life Writing and Translation — Craig  Howes

ENG 771           LSE/CSAP

Seminar in Pacific Literature: Folklore and Literature in the Pacific — Joyce Warren

ENG 775          LSE/CSAP

Seminar in Cultural Studies: Colonial Love / Decolonial Love  — Cynthia Franklin