Spring 2022

Undergraduate Studies & Single Author Courses

ENG 416

Studies in Creative Writing: Poetics of Water & Power — No‘u Revilla

ENG 433

Studies in 19th Century Literature: Literature of British Slavery and Abolition — Anna Feuerstein

ENG 440

Single Author: James Baldwin — Jack Taylor

ENG 445

William Shakespeare –TBA

ENG 482

Studies in Literature & Sexuality & Gender: Colonial Love, Decolonial Love — Cynthia Franklin


Graduate Courses

ENG 613B        CW

Poetry Workshop: Crafting the Poetry Manuscript — Craig Perez

ENG 705          CR

Seminar in Composition Studies: The Personal Essay in Composition and Rhetoric — Sarah Allen

ENG 709          CR

Seminar in Rhetoric: Reading Indigenous Practices as Rhetorical Action — Georganne Nordstrom

ENG 713           CW/LSE

Seminar in Creative Writing: Community Narratives & Points of View —  Kristiana Kahakauwila

ENG 730C         LSE,Pre-1700

Seminar in Re-reading Chaucer: Unfinished Business: Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales and the Politics of English — Derrick Higginbotham

ENG 735C     LSE,Pre-1898

Seminar in American Literature: Black & Indigenous Foundations Pre-1898 — Hannah Manshel

ENG 735Q         LSE/CSAP, HAP

Seminar in Asian American Literature and Theory: Asian American Liberatory Futures — Candace Fujikane

ENG 764            LSE /CSAP

Studies in Life Writing: True Stories and Fake Lives–Fiction and Veracity — Craig  Howes

ENG 771           LSE,HAP

Seminar in Pacific Literature: Folklore and Literature in the Pacific  — kuʻualoha ho‘omanawanui

ENG 775          LSE/CSAP

Seminar in Cultural Studies: Genres of Social Movements: BDS, BLM, and Mauna Kea  — Cynthia Franklin

ENG 775          LSE/CSAP

Seminar in Cultural Studies: Postcolonial Theory — Subramanian Shankar