Fall 2022

Undergraduate Studies & ENG 440 Single Author Courses

ENG 409

Studies in Composition/Rhetoric/Language: Writing, Healing, and TraumaDaphne Desser

ENG 416

Studies in Creative Writing: You, Me, Us: Point of View in FictionKristiana Kahakauwila

ENG 420

Studies in Literature & Culture: “Voodoo” and the Novel– Cynthia Ward

ENG 440

Single Author: Saidiya Hartman — Hannah Manshel

ENG 464

Studies in Life Writing: Reimagining “America” in Memoir — John Zuern

Graduate Courses

ENG 605             CR

Theory and Practice of Teaching Composition — Georganne Nordstrom

ENG 613            CW

Graduate Writing Workshop — Laurel Fantauzzo

ENG 625B/E            LSE/CSAP

Theories and Methods of Literary Studies — Candace Fujikane

ENG 625C            CR

Introduction to Composition & Rhetoric — Daphne Desser

ENG 625D            CW

Foundations of Creative Writing — Kristiana Kahikawila

ENG 713             CW

Seminar in Creative Writing: Poetry of Witness — Craig Perez

ENG 745             LSE, Pre-1700

Seminar in Shakespeare — Derrick Higginbotham

ENG 730X          LSE, Pre-1900

Seminar in English Literature & History: British Slavery and its Afterlives — Anna Feuerstein

ENG 775             LSE/CSAP

Seminar in Cultural Studies: Narratives of Natal Separation:
the Camp, Bare Life, and British Child Psychoanalysis — Nandini Chandra