Student Opportunities

Study Abroad

In cooperation with the UH Study Abroad Center, the English Department co-sponsors a Fall and a Spring Semester in London. An English Department faculty member usually accompanies the students and teaches courses that satisfy UH English major or minor requirements at Roehampton University in West London. These classes enhance the students’ understanding of the cultural, artistic, and political environment of Great Britain. Qualified students may also take other courses that satisfy UH requirements from Roehampton University’s curriculum.

The Semester in London program is both an academic opportunity to get closer to the roots of British literature and history as well as an excellent chance to experience daily life as the resident of a great European capital, with all its sights and events. And the travel opportunities are marvelous! For information about course offerings, costs, and procedures for applying, see the Study Abroad Center website.


Advanced undergraduate students may apply to enroll in ENG 405: Teaching Composition with the recommendation of a faculty member.  They receive a modest stipend in exchange for working as a tutor in the Writing Center.  Tutoring is invaluable practice for any student who anticipates teaching writing.


See the current ENG 495 Course Description for detailed guidelines and a list of possible host organizations.

Counseling and Career Opportunities

Faculty members are good resources for students interested in exploring the possibilities of different career paths, be they education, graduate school in English, or other professions like law, medicine, or business. The Mānoa Career Center is a helpful starting place for career opportunities and guidance.