Student Opportunities

Study Abroad

In cooperation with the UH Study Abroad Center, the English Department co-sponsors a Fall and a Spring Semester in London. An English Department faculty member usually accompanies the students and teaches courses that satisfy UH English major or minor requirements at Roehampton University in West London. These classes enhance the students’ understanding of the cultural, artistic, and political environment of Great Britain. Qualified students may also take other courses that satisfy UH requirements from Roehampton University’s curriculum.

The Semester in London program is both an academic opportunity to get closer to the roots of British literature and history as well as an excellent chance to experience daily life as the resident of a great European capital, with all its sights and events. And the travel opportunities are marvelous! For information about course offerings, costs, and procedures for applying, see the Study Abroad Center website.


Achievement Scholarships and Other Financial Aid

A limited number of scholarship funds are available for each academic year; these awards are highly competitive and are based solely on academic merit. Awards are distributed to English majors in increments of $1000.  Priority criteria include:

  • Completion of  9 upper-division credits in English at UH Mānoa
  • 3.70 cumulative UHM GPA
  • 3.70 cumulative English GPA

Students do not apply for the awards — the Department identifies and contacts the recipients.

The University also offers a variety of scholarships. Interested students should visit the Scholarship Opportunities website for more information.



As part of our first-year composition program, several sections of ENG 100 are offered as tutored sections, in which tutors provide assistance for those students who wish to receive additional help with their writing inside and outside of class. Tutors are drawn by teachers’ recommendations; they are advanced undergraduates who learn how to tutor by enrolling in ENG 405 and they receive a modest stipend. Tutoring is invaluable practice for any student who anticipates teaching writing. For more details, contact the Director of Composition (KUY 711).



ENG 495 gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a field related to English studies. The Department of English matches a student intern with an appropriate host organization, and depending on the host’s needs, the intern spends the semester assisting with writing, editing, copyediting, research, public relations, and other communications-oriented tasks.

Interns commit to working 8-12 hours each week for their host organizations. These are unpaid internships; students in the program earn three academic credits, and the internship experience counts as one of the 400-level electives for the English major. Students who qualify for the internship program are usually in the final semesters their degree programs at the university. They are mature, professional, and well prepared to take on appropriate responsibilities.

The host organization plays a direct supervisory role with the intern, assigning work and giving feedback as necessary. The UHM-based supervisor of the internship program remains in contact with the students throughout the semester and is always available if questions or concerns arise. Interns send the supervisor weekly reports on their activities, and they write a mid-semester and final report on their experience. They also compile a portfolio of work they have completed during their time with the host organization.

Sponsoring an intern requires hosts to devote time to orienting and supervising a temporary staff member, so we strive to place only the strongest students with our community partners. Students must first interview with the UHM-based supervisor and submit a sample of their writing. The host organization will then interview the prospective intern, and may decline to take on students who appear to be unsuitable for the position.

Internships offer invaluable experience with the day-to-day operations of the kind of publications, businesses, and organizations in which English majors and minors typically seek employment. An internship on your resume and a strong letter of recommendation from your host will give you an advantage when you’re applying for jobs.

You will need an override to enroll in ENG 495. Please contact Professor Caron at if you’d like to pursue an internship this coming semester.


Counseling and Career Opportunities

Faculty members are good resources for students interested in exploring the possibilities of different career paths, be they education, graduate school in English, or other professions like law, medicine, or business. The Mānoa Career Center is a helpful starting place for career opportunities and guidance.