The English Minor

An English minor complements any major

Minor Requirements

FW and one ENG 270-273 course are prerequisites for the majority of upper-division English courses.

  1. ENG 320, Introduction to English Studies. This course is foundational and should be taken in the student’s first or second semester of upper-division English course work. An override is required to enroll in ENG 320; simply call the department at 956-7619 to request an override prior to registering.
  2. A Single Author course (440 Single Author; 442 Chaucer; 445 Shakespeare; or 447 Milton)
  3. A 300-level ENG elective
  4. A 400-level ENG elective
  5. One 300 or 400-level ENG elective


  • All UH Mānoa courses applied to the English minor must come from English Department or cross-listed courses. Appropriate upper-division transfer credits may also apply toward the minor.
  • Courses with final grades of C- or lower cannot fulfill minor requirements