An English minor complements any major.  See what some of our current minors have to say:


Clifford Bailey, English minor


Major: Creative Media – Digital Cinema

I have a background in English and have always been an aspiring writer. Majoring in filmmaking, taking classes which delve deeper into story and creative writing will help refine and temper my skills for writing scripts.  I enjoy the class environments cultivated by the professors. I feel like there are no dumb questions asked as it’s genuinely a safe space to explore new ideas about literature and the world.


Ralph LaFollette, English minor

Major: Japanese

An English minor complements my major because I want to become an English teacher in Japan. I’ve just started down the path of an English minor, but so far I’ve enjoyed the amount of classes needed for the minor, and the creative writing classes.


Brian Swilley, English minor

Major: Geology & Geophysics

I chose a minor in English to advance my writing skills. Being a Geophysicist and having a minor in English gives me an ability to express my words in a professional context. The course requirement for an English minor is well rounded while giving the student many avenues to chose from.



Malia Wessel, English minor

Major: Theatre

I enjoy the intimacy of the classes — having a smaller number of students allows the teacher more time to work with each of them. The amount required for a minor is extremely reasonable, and there’s flexibility in what classes to take to fulfill the requirements. The department seems to be very supportive, and so far my teachers have all been knowledgeable and constructive.  My English minor will help me in my pursuit of playwriting and knowledge of literature.


Minor Requirements

FW and one ENG 270-273 course are prerequisites for the majority of upper-division English courses.

  1. ENG 320, Introduction to English Studies. This course is foundational and should be taken in the student’s first or second semester of upper-division English course work. An override is required to enroll in ENG 320; simply call the department at 956-7619 or stop by Kuykendall 402 to request an override prior to registering.
  2. A Single Author course (440 Single Author; 442 Chaucer; 445 Shakespeare; or 447 Milton)
  3. A 300-level ENG elective
  4. A 400-level ENG elective
  5. One 300 or 400-level ENG elective



  • All UH Mānoa courses applied to the English minor must come from English Department or cross-listed courses. Appropriate upper-division transfer credits may also apply toward the minor.
  • Only one 300 or 400-level course designated as “large enrollment” (maximum enrollment of 60) may count toward the minor
  • Courses with final grades of C- or lower cannot fulfill minor requirements


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