Course Work

The University Honors Program consists of an interdisciplinary colloquium (HON 491), an optional research methods course (HON 495) focused on writing a Senior Honors Project Proposal, and two semesters of independent study with a faculty advisor (HON 496) to complete a Senior Honors Project.

  • Students must produce a proposal that is approved by the student’s faculty mentor and Mānoa Honors Program before registering for HON 496.
  • Students are required to take HON 494 (zero credits) to accompany their first semester of the HON 496 series. This course is a companion course that is designed to assist students in their research/creative writing work with their mentor and refresh their understanding of deadlines, criteria, etc. in Honors.

Honors students in English are required to take ENG 401: Theories and Methods of English Studies. This course substitutes for the University Honors (HON 491) requirement and it also counts toward completion of English major requirements.

The Honors student still completes 33 credits in English for the English major.