Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in English

Declaring the Major

To declare English as your major, or if you declared English as your major upon admission, you are required to attend an initial English major advising session. We will assign you to an English faculty advisor who will consult with you to develop a coherent program to address your interests and needs as well as the Department’s requirements. See the English Major Worksheet for major requirements.

Click here to schedule a major advising appointment:





Mandatory Advising

Majors must meet with their advisor at least once a semester in November and April. Watch for an email reminder from your advisor during these months. If you do not see your English advisor, we will place a hold on your registration.  For advising on general education and graduation requirements, be sure to see an advisor in The Advising Center for AH & LLL (QLC 113) at least once a year.

Graduating soon?  Fill out an English Department Goldenrod with your advisor.


Course Descriptions

Online course descriptions are posted on the Department’s website every semester prior to every registration period.  The descriptions are written by the instructors and provide helpful details about the courses.


Minor in English

To declare your minor, see Valerie Jun in Kuykendall 417.

Required Courses:

FW and one ENG 270-273 course are prerequisites for the majority of upper-division English courses.

  1. ENG 320, Introduction to English Studies. This course is foundational and should be taken in the student’s first or second semester of upper-division English course work. An override is required to enroll in ENG 320; simply call the department at 956-7619 or stop by Kuykendall 402 to request an override prior to registering.
  2. A Single Author course (440 Single Author; 442 Chaucer; 445 Shakespeare; or 447 Milton)
  3. A 300-level ENG elective
  4. A 400-level ENG elective
  5. One 300 or 400-level ENG elective




  • Online course descriptions are posted on the Department’s website every semester prior to every registration period. These descriptions provide details written by the instructors about the courses being offered and are very helpful when selecting courses.
  • All UH Mānoa courses applied to the English minor must come from English Department or cross-listed courses. Appropriate upper-division transfer credits may also apply toward the minor.
  • Only one 300 or 400-level course designated as “large enrollment” (maximum enrollment of 60) may count toward the minor
  • Courses with final grades of C- or lower cannot fulfill minor requirements