The Ph.D. Program

PhD Curriculum Map

Doctoral students take at least seven courses in English plus two outside of our Department and related to the individual student’s interests; at least one of the nine courses must have substantial Hawai‘i/Asia/Pacific content. The other three principal formal requirements are constituted by the area exams, oral comprehensive examination/prospectus meeting, and the dissertation. Students admitted to the Creative Writing track in the PhD program complete a creative-writing dissertation that includes a critical introduction. Students will be encouraged to approach these requirements as articulated parts of their training.

PhD Requirements

2021-22 Graduate Manual for students and faculty

Recent Dissertations

 “Transnational Kinship: Neoliberal Peace And Economic Violence in Vietnamese American Literature And Culture”

 “Ulu and Lamp Oil”

  “I am a poplarist”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of The Populist Rhetoric of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign”

 ”Trugernanner’s Bones: Decolonization and Indigenous Futurity in Palawa Representations”