The M.A. Program

Students have the opportunity to specialize in one of four areas of concentration while also doing substantial course work in one or more other areas. This program of study is designed to provide a broad overview of the changing field of English studies and of the place that each student’s area of interest occupies within that field. The M.A. in English requires 33 credit hours of course work towards the degree, and each concentration has its set of specific requirements. The four concentrations from which the students may choose are:


Recent MA Projects and Theses

Fall 2017

Sarah Goodson

“Occupying the Pacific Paradise: Tourism  and Militarization as Contemporary Modes of Colonialism”

Chair: ho‘omanawanui


Leimamo Keanini

“‘Written in the Sky’ by Matthew Kaopio: Looking at Local Hawaiian Literature for Place-Based Connections in Hawai‘i Public Schools”

Chair: ho‘omanawanui


Brian Lieu

“Out in the Distance”

Chair: Schultz


Jenna Saito

“Legitimizing Nisei Identity:  Toward a Model of the Asian Settler in the 1929 Black and Gold”

Chair: Howes

Spring 2017

Brittney Holt

“My Black Body Under the White Gaze: Visual Analysis of Sierra Faye’s ‘Comfort in the Undiscovered’ and Xaviera Simmons’ One Day and Back Then (seated)”

Chair: Taylor


Samantha Ikehara

“Projecting Asian American Queer Futurities: I Hotel, Empty Soup, and the Inevitability of Forgetting and Failure”

Chair: Fujikane


Avree Ito-Fujita

“‘Writing Across Communities’ and ‘Writing in Digital’ Initiatives of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Online Learning Academy: An Empirical Study on Tutoring Strategies”

Chair: Nordstrom


Brooke Jones

“In a Dark Chrysalis”

Chair: Beutner


Wyatt Souza

“Ke lei maila ʻo Kohala me ka mānienie ē: Reweaving a Lei of Ancestral Sustenance and Transformative Resurgence”

Chair: ho‘omanawanui


Hannah Spencer

“Colonization and Relationships in Hawaii”

Chair: Pak


Kristina Togafau

“Round Dance”

Chair: Beutner


Ken Tokuno

“Asian American Rhetoric: Self-Persuasion and Ethnic Identity”

Chair: Payne


Amy Vegas

“Nā Mo‘olelo o Ka‘u Huaka‘i: Re-membering Genealogical Strands through the Trails of the ‘Āina”

Chair: Fujikane


Isaac Wang

“Tutoring Each Other: Consultant Collaboration in the Writing Center”

Chair: Nordstrom