Graduate Program

  • Jordan Luz, Jade Lum, Matt Ito, Koreen Nakahodo, Ida Yoshinaga, Janet Graham presented at PAMLA (Honolulu, November 10-12, 2017) and so did Dhiffaf Al-Shwillay, Justin Clapp, Kaela Clapp, Lane Davey, Veronica Freeman, Sarah Goodson, Scott Kaalele, Aaron Kiilau, Caryn Lesuma, LynleyShimat Renée Lys, Lauren Nishimura, Anjoli Roy, Kalei Wang.

33 MA students

57 PhD students

35 Graduate Faculty


Degrees Offered:

Master of Arts in English with informal concentrations in:

  • Literary Studies in English
  • Creative Writing. Those admitted to this concentration write a creative thesis as their final project.
  • Composition & Rhetoric
  • Cultural Studies in Asia/Pacific


Doctor of Philosophy in English

  • Those admitted to the creative writing track write a creative dissertation
  • Coursework with a focus on Hawai‘i / Asia / Pacific content