Rain Wright


Rain Wright is a current PhD candidate attending the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. She specializes in Life Writing, Creative Writing Pedagogy, and Critical Ethnic Studies Theory.


She is published in Hawai’i Review, Mud Season Review, Connotations Press: An Online Artifact, Madras Magazine, Summit Magazine, and Hawaiʻi Pacific Review.


Spring Semester 2018
  • ENG-273: Intro to Lit: Creative Writing: Life Writing and Trauma

Fall Semester 2017
  • ENG-100: Composition I

Summer Semester 2017
  • ENG-273: Intro to Lit: Creative Writing (Session II)
  • ENG-311: Autobiographical Writing (Session I)
  • ENG-311: Autobiographical Writing (Session II)

Spring Semester 2017
  • ENG-273: Creative Writing: Truth and Lives in Autobiography
  • ENG-273: Creative Writing: Reading/Writing Short Stories

Fall Semester 2016
  • ENG-271: Genre: Ethnic American Lit

Spring Semester 2016
  • ENG-100: Composition I
  • ENG-100: Composition I