Quynh Vo


My academic province is literary studies, especially literature and culture of women writers of color. My research projects focus on how those authors problematize the sexual representation of women of color in an American culture of white supremacy. I have been teaching and pondering over women as subjects in literature and how women of color negotiate and construct their racial and gendered identities as nonwhite and female within their communities. I am also interested in literary rhetoric and poetics. My current research embraces fiction by African American Women Writers in the Twentieth Century; Asian American Literature and Literary Criticism; and Globalization Theories with a focus on Transnationalism in Literature in English (1980s-present).


Spring Semester 2019
  • ENG-100: Composition I
  • ENG-100: Composition I

Fall Semester 2018
  • ENG-270: Intro to Lit: Literary History

Spring Semester 2018
  • ENG-100: Composition I

Fall Semester 2017
  • ENG-100: Composition I