Julia Wieting


I'm a Ph.D. student and I focus on poetry, both as a creative writer and as a field of scholarly interest. My background outside of English Studies is centered in Linguistics, so my approach to texts tends to focus on what language is actually doing in the text, and how we know. Those questions are always relevant, in my opinion, to identifying where literary texts are in the bigger picture of writers and readers as they engage with the world. My areas of specialty are long poems, poetry and science, and nationalism. I am especially interested in poetry as a thinking technology that lets poets work through complicated and abstract concepts in ways which are fundamentally playful. As such, I tend to read quite broadly across American and British poetic movements. I am also interested in World War I as a defining experience for modern literature in general, and poetic in particular. As a teacher of composition I am primarily interested in writing as a skill that applies across academic disciplines. I incorporate teaching strategies that encourage critical thinking as a prerequisite for writing. I'm also interested in universal design for learning as a way to make the classroom a place that supports diverse learners reach beyond their intellectual horizons. Finally, I publish the online journal Paradise Review.

Areas of Interest

Poetry; language and linguistics (especially pragmatics and interactional linguistics); science and speculative writing of all genres; composition; the scholarship of teaching and learning; the spaghetti monster; knitting; publishing and creative communities.


Ph.D. in progress (English), UH Manoa; M.A., 2010 (Linguistics), UH Manoa; B.A., 2007, UH Manoa


Fall Semester 2018
  • ENG-100: Composition I

Spring Semester 2018
  • ENG-100: Composition I
  • ENG-100: Composition I

Fall Semester 2017
  • ENG-100: Composition I
  • ENG-313: Creative Writing