John Gagnon


Office hours:
M/W: 8am-9am

I am an Assistant Professor in the Rhetoric & Composition field. As a cultural rhetorician interested in human rights and the framing of human rights issues, my research program is rooted in a consideration of the ways in which rhetorical scholarship might contribute more directly to ongoing dialogue around pressing human rights issues in and between the humanities and other academic disciplines. I am keenly interested in formulating practical considerations for professional writers working within public writing contexts, like governmental organizations and nonprofits, who bear the responsibility of communicating knowledge about human rights issues to diverse audiences.    


  • Novotny, Maria and John Gagnon. "Research as Care: A Shared Ownership Approach to Rhetorical Research in Trauma Communities." Reflections: Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing and Service Learning. Vol. 18, No.1 (Spring/Summer 2018).
  • Gagnon, John. “How Cultural Rhetorics Can Change the Conversation: Towards New Communication Spaces to Address Human Trafficking.” POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis & Invention. Vol. 12, No.2 (2017).
  • Gagnon, John. “Rhetoric Matters: Race & Slavery in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.” Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric & Society. Vol. 5.3 (2016).
  • Gagnon, John. Review of Policing Sexuality: The Mann Act and the Making of the FBI (Jessica Pliley, 2014, Harvard Press). Journal of Interdisciplinary Humanities. Vol. 33, No.2 (2016)
  • Liddick, Eric & John Gagnon. “Striving for Peace & Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: The ICC as a Creative Solution to Conflict.” Journal of War Crimes, Genocide, & Crimes Against Humanity. Vol. 3 (2009): 39-88.

Areas of Interest

cultural rhetorics, human rights rhetoric, embodiment/embodied rhetorics, decolonial theory, composition studies, relational pedagogy, and ethnographic research/oral history methods


  • PhD, Michigan State University
  • JD, Tulane University
  • MS, Tulane University
  • BA, Andrews University


Fall Semester 2018
  • ENG-306: Argumentative Writing I

Spring Semester 2018
  • ENG-300: Introduction to Rhetoric
  • ENG-306: Argumentative Writing I

Fall Semester 2017
  • ENG-100: Composition I
  • ENG-100: Composition I