Types of Creative Writing

English 313: The Short Story and Short Creative Nonfiction

“The truth about stories, is that that’s all we are” Thomas King

We are the stories we tell, but how do we tell these stories? Patricia Hampl says, “It still comes as a shock to realize that I don’t write about what I know: I write in order to find out what I know.” In this course, we will navigate what we know creatively, exploring the short story and creative nonfiction stories. We will consider the difference between creative nonfiction (true stories) and the short story (fiction), asking how culture, language, our surroundings, our bodies, and our perceptions influence our writing, creating our storied selves.

Additionally, this class will focus on the craft—characterization, setting, dialogue, description and detail, and theme, for instance—of the short story and creative nonfiction, which we will explore through writing, reading, discussions, and writing workshops.

In order to limit the cost for this course, I will PDF most essays and shorts stories

Grade Determination

  • 15%     Participation
  • 10%     Journal
  • 15%     Bi-Weekly draft pages (500 words)
  • 15%     Workshops
  • 10%     Writer’s Process Reflection
  • 10%     Reading/presentation of one piece of your work via online platform (at the end of the semester)
  • 25%     Portfolio