Intro to English Studies

Course Description

This class serves as an introduction to the study of English. Throughout the course of the semester students will be introduced to a host of literary criticism ranging from Plato and Aristotle, Nietzsche and Althusser, to Henry Gates and Toni Morrison. In this class, we will investigate literary relationships by attempting to chart a trajectory in regards to how literature moves and advances itself.  To that end, we will be primarily concerned with what we can call “literary debts” and “revisions.”

Course Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

-Demonstrate language skills (e.g., grammar, editing)

-Demonstrate an ability to read critically and interpret a variety of texts

-Demonstrate in writing the comprehension, analysis, and interpretation of a variety of texts

-Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of genres, rhetorical situations, and/or historical periods

-Use secondary sources in the analysis and interpretation of texts

-Demonstrate knowledge of Hawaiian and/or Pacific texts in cultural and historical context