Types of Creative Writing

ENG 313 (002) Travel Writing

Instructor: Laurel Nakanishi

In this course, we will read and write creative non-fiction and poetry about travel.  From international trips to walks through our own neighborhood to imaginary lands, we will discuss different types of travel and, using travel narratives and poetry as models, we will write our own travel-themed pieces. Throughout the semester, we will look deeply into locations around the globe, consider representations of these places and cultures, and discuss the implications of stereotypes, exoticization, and privilege.

Our class texts will include a variety of essays, poetry, and TV shows that portray travel and its discourses both directly and indirectly. There will be weekly creative and critical writing assignments, in-class writing prompts, a final critical reflection paper, and two major creative writing assignments.  Drafts and revisions of creative works will be critiqued in a workshop environment.  We will practice writing as a process that includes drafting, peer feedback, revision, and publication.

Reading list:

A Small Place, Jamaica Kincaid

Best American Travel Writing, Jamaica Kincaid (editor) and Jason Wilson (editor)

“No Reservations” (tv show), host Anthony Bourdain

Other readings available as PDF’s